Pictured at left are Master Gardeners at the Galveston County Extension Office collaborating on the preparation of an article.

Our Beneficials in the Garden and Landscape Web page is the result of many hours of collaborations, research, writing, photography outings, and web site preparation.

I. Our Master Gardeners and Friends of Master Gardeners

A very big THANK YOU to the following Master Gardeners and other friends who contributed specimens to our insect collection:
MG Herman Auer, Glynn Borders, MG Solveig Cornille, Bob Dunn, MG Connie Freiberg, MG Lizette Gaudin, MG Betty Gray, MG Margie Jenke, MG Ted Landry, Randy Lawler, MG Eileen Linton, MG Judy Poorman, MG Jim Shaver and MG Anna Wygrys.

II. Our Galveston County Extension Agent-Horticulture

 A very special THANK YOU to Dr. William M. Johnson (a.k.a. “Dr. J”) for his support and guidance in developing this Beneficials in the Garden and Landscape Web page. Dr. J is our Galveston County Extension Agent-Horticulture and our County Master Gardener Program Coordinator. He provided valuable assistance with insect identification and secured funding for the equipment and resources necessary to establish and maintain a professional-quality insect collection.

III. Our State & District Extension Entomology Specialists

We wish to also extend deep appreciation to the following individuals for providing or confirming the identification of our insect specimens:
• Dr. Carlos E. Bográn, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist (Entomology/Plant Pathology), Riverside
• Dr. John A. Jackman, Professor and Extension Entomologist, College Station
• Dr. Michael E. Merchant, Professor and Extension Urban Entomologist, Dallas
• William Ree, Jr., Extension Agent-Entomology, Riverside
• Ed Riley, Associate Curator (Insect Museum), Dept. of Entomology, College Station


This web site is maintained by Master Gardener Laura Bellmore, under the direction of William M. Johnson, Ph.D., County Extension Agent-Horticulture & Master Gardener Program Coordinator.

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